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Xpert Group is one of the upcoming providers of a wide range of domain related services. We have had a diverse experience to our aid, which we leverage to present state of art services to help anybody with a website reach new heights. Our base services include email hosting, domain name registration, VPS hosting, website hosting and a lot more. We also offer certain value-added services, such as DNS management, WHOIS, and also finest domain sales, along with promising widespread support to our clients.

What We Offer

Domain registration is a prime concern for any organization or individual aiming to gain the enormous prospective of the WWW through a website. Innovins, one of the well known domain name provider in Mumbai, caters all domain related issues of our clients. We help them reach their business goals by spending a right amount of money, which take us above other registrars. We provide services like:

Web Hosting

Wide expertise in managing websites and superlative infrastructure has made our web hosting platform consistently the most trusted one available. Innovins empowers more than 2000 websites and offers a complete range of hosting services, including:

Our hosting services also guarantee optimized performance of your website. We govern support for various programming languages and technologies, such as Python, PHP v5and CGI. Innovins, with more than a decade in the industry, is a known name in the business. Our exposure to a varied client needs and advanced technology to our support make us stand apart from other hosting providers. Xpertgroup’s clientele is present worldwide in several fields, which is a proof of our quality services.